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Clint Joiner

Boys & Girls Clubs in Tennessee        2012 Hall of Fame Inductee

Clint Joiner

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Tennessee • Union City, Tennessee

 Clint Joiner was a born leader and has dedicated himself to helping other people, especially those in his community.  He was not only voted Senior Class President at Union City High School but he was also voted Who’s Who that very same year.  Clint was also very active on the Vanderbilt University campus as a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, serving as President of the fraternal organization.

    Upon graduating, Clint went on to work for Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. and was part of a five person team that managed one of the largest cumulative asset portfolios in the entire International Merrill Lynch system.

      With his background focusing on product design, computer networking, workflow ergonomics and global contract negotiation, it was only fitting that he move back to rural west Tennessee and work with the Jiffy Steamer Company.  As Chief Operating Office, he manages all aspects of the manufacturing and office and negotiates all contracts for global sales with representatives of over 48 countries.       

    Clint is currently the Community Awareness Chair for the Friends of Grammar School restoration project that will soon be the new home for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Tennessee.  Clint is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys boating, scuba diving, parasailing, snowboarding and skiing.  Clint is also a licensed pilot and is passionately involved in the horse racing industry

   To just say Clint Joiner has had an impact on the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Tennessee is a huge  understatement.  Portis Tanner, Chief Volunteer Officer of the organization stated, “Clint is a loyal friend of mine, the community and the Boys & Girls Clubs.   I’ve grown up with Clint and his heart is always in the right place and with his business expertise as well as his dedication and willingness to help others, I can think of no other person more deserving of this honor.”  His commitment to the organization has had a tremendous impact from the planning of the organization to the continued growth of the mission. 

   Clint has been at the forefront of the growth and development of the organization for the eight years of its  existence.   A group of dedicated citizens met for two years trying to start a Boys & Girls Club in Union City, TN.  The process continued to be stagnating until Clint joined their efforts.  The group saw an immediate benefit from having him come aboard.  Within three months the organization came into fruition with the chartering of the Union City club.  Six years later through his work in spreading Boys & Girls Clubs in underserved areas.  The organization’s second Club was opened in Humboldt, TN. 

     “There is no doubt in my mind that it was Clint’s commitment to the community and the organization that was the deciding factor in determining that this was the place I needed to be” said Vencent Bell.  Bell the organizations Chief Professional Officer, credits Clint for his motivation to succeed as the leader of the organization.  Bell said, “Seeing him lead a successful global company and be willing to do whatever it took to make sure that every child in Northwest TN had opportunity through Boys & Girls Club to grow into what they can and should become.  Now that was some powerful motivation for me.”  

     Clint has helped in all aspects of the club from volunteering during club hours with club members, walking the worst neighborhoods with staff passing out popsicles and club information, to leading board driven fundraising events.  His drive and determination to help us save lives is evident in his wiliness to give his own money and time.  Clint can be credited for helping the club secure a $1.3 million gift for the renovation of the former Central Elementary School for Boys & Girls Club use.  His buy in to the program has given others the confidence to be involved on a high level as well. Clint has given the organization creditability in the community through his “first class” policy.  He believes that if we are to do anything as an organization; then it needs to be first class.   Many quality board members have made the commitment to our organization as a result of the work Clint Joiner has done.