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Hatchie River Region


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Hatchie River Region

Get to know the CPO…

Hatchie River Region

The Chief Professional Officer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Hatchie River Region is Tracey Johnson. You can reach Tracey by calling 901-476-0180 or by email at tracey.johnson@bgchrr.com.



Club Information


Mailing Address- 412C Alston Circle Covington, TN 38019

Phone Number- 901-476-0180 • Fax Number- 901-202-7561

Website: http://www.bgchrr.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Boys-Girls-Club-of-the-Hatchie-River-Region-Covington/474072719294071


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Hatchie River Region unit:

412 Alston Circle Bldg. C Covington, TN 38019


Membership Information


• Total membership- 303 • Total youth served- 1,787 •

• Average daily attendance- 85 •

• Member ethnicity breakdown •

African American- 82%, Hispanic- 1%, Caucasian- 12%, Multiracial- 5%


Club Activities and Events


Youth Events

Triple Play