Calling all Alumni!


Once a Club kid, always a Club kid.


Boys & Girls Clubs members share a bond that starts the day they receive their membership card.

Reconnect with your Boys & Girls Club that provided a positive place for you and thousands of kids like you. We welcome you to reach out to your former Boys & Girls Club and connect with them for opportunities to impact more kids. Consider helping us open doors for more kids by tutoring, coaching, serving on the board, contributing financially or assisting committees with a number of functions of the Club’s operation. Every effort makes a difference.


Want to make a difference locally? Here’s how:IMG_8558

1. Visit our Clubs page to find your former Boys & Girls Club site

2. Click on your Boys & Girls Club to find their contact information

3. Reach out to their administration to see if an Alumni group has been established

4. Participate, engage and connect!


Shaq Alumni page

Want to connect on the National Level?


If you are an alumni of the Boys & Girls Club or just a supporter of the organization, “Become a Member for Life” by joining the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Alumni & Friends Association by visiting the link below: